6Hz Binaural Beats help to slow down brainwaves to a state of consciousness known as the theta range. From this state the subconscious becomes conscious more easily which helps with the emotions. It can also be used to induce a trance state in meditation which is a powerful state of consciousness that allows large shifts in healing and expanded perceptual awareness. Great for introspection or understanding the universe.


1. Sit or lay down comfortably, place headphones on and begin

2. Take a deep breath and relax your body from head to toe, feeling any tension and releasing it.

3. Breath in and out slowly counting 5 seconds in 5 seconds out.

4. After 5-10 minutes you should start feeling light and deeply relaxed, you may choose to imagine your body is very heavy and sinking down with gravity. This feeling helps induce a trance.

5. When you are done, begin shortening your breath and moving your fingers and toes, then proceeding to move arms and legs. Do not get up too fast after deep meditation.


Website: http://wavesource.ca