If you are someone who wants to change the world, then this meditation may help you.
If you are someone who wants to better understand other people and situations, then this type of mediation can help you.

If you want to learn more about yourself, your true inner landscape and get in touch with a deeper understanding of you and your relationship to the Divine, then this type of meditation will help you.

All peace begins within. We might think we want peace and that it will come from outside of ourselves, or when we do not feel peaceful, it’s someone or something’s fault. But the truth is that peace begins and ends within you. It can be difficult to be naturally peaceful today; we’re over-stimulated, over-fed, and over-extended in our personal and professional lives.

Peace is a vibration that must be cultivated and a skill that can deepen through practice. Have you ever been around a truly peaceful person? It can help you feel peaceful too. As you cultivate peace within yourself, this vibration helps others also feel peaceful.

And so in that way, you change the world without fighting, without struggle; by simply being peaceful, you bring peace to the world. It’s through peace that we find our inner truth at the deepest level. It takes courage to cultivate peace, to change yourself and thus the world. Not the courage of a lion or superhero, but the courage of a human being who is willing to wait, to sit, to listen and to learn. A person who is strong enough to embrace his or her hidden fears or weaknesses. It also takes courage to accept our own Grace and Divinity. It takes courage to face our own Light of being. It takes courage to have compassion for yourself and others on the path and to be able to withstand failure. It takes courage to go back to your meditation seat and practice once more.

The path starts with a willingness to sit, go within and to practice. This series of meditations is for all who seek Peace within. Meditations start with some simple techniques that help you get grounded and rooted in the present. You will practice with your breath and focus. You’ll use the power of visualization and reflection to gain insight. You access your own divine light to heal your wounds. I teach you to use intention and positivity to shift patterns. And we practice, practice, practice.

Thank you for taking the time to read this introduction. I’m Dr. Stella Park and I’ve studied and meditated for a long time. I practice meditation regularly to cultivate inner peace. I’ve studied a variety of traditions and teach what I have seen works. I’ve been studying metaphysics and teaching meditation and healing since 1987. I currently offer online coaching for moving forward in your creative endeavors, intuitive medicine for healing the bio-energetic basis for wellness, and naturopathic medicine for a complementary approach to total health.

Teachers and teachings cannot truly change your life or bring you a miracle of fulfillment. Only you can do that for yourself. Knowing yourself is the first step. One of the best ways to know yourself is to sit in mediation. Take good care, Dr. Stella Park http://www.stellaparknd.com/