How Would You Like to Contribute?

We would like to offer you an opportunity to share your special knowledge, love, and creativity which is of benefits to everyone. 

You Are Healer is a non-profit organization developed by healers for everyone who needs healing – most importantly: self-healing. It is also for anyone who is interested in learning more about becoming a happier and healthier person. As a non-profit organization, our focus is on providing free information.

We’d like to extend an invitation to like-minded people who can provide high-quality content that helps our readers. We’re looking for contributors to our projects who have a focus on health and wellness.

  • Writer/Blogger: Are you a writer and/or blogger focused on healing and helping others? We’d love to feature your content on You Are Healer.
  • Video/Audio Content: Do you specialize in producing video and/or audio content? If so, You Are Healer invites you to join us in populating our website with the kinds of information that others will find helpful and relevant.
  • Monetary Donation: Your donation of money will help You Are Healer continue its mission of providing free access to our information.
  • Healers: If you are a healer who would like to participate in our events, then we’re looking for you! You Are Healer can also help you to advertise your business or workshops. Contact Us for more Opportunities.

As a non-profit, You Are Healer doesn’t pay for the above content and services. However, if you provide articles and/or videos, we’ll add your credentials and advertise you business. We market our website to create organic traffic, so contributors will have a free marketing channel.

In order to build a community that provides exceptional content, workshops, products and more that are designed to improve harmonious unity, it takes the efforts of everyone. By pulling together, we can all help each other grow and thrive. In return for your efforts, more people will learn about your knowledge, products and the other gifts that you have to offer.