You Are Healer

Your body, your mind, your spirit - it is all the entity of One!
It is the harmonious unity that makes us feel Divine! Let us all come together in this journey of life to inspire, to learn, to share, to seek, to find the way to a healthy and happier SELF. Together in this collaboration, not only we can manifest our wisdom, share stories,  seek guidance, but also lead one another to the path of Self-Healing. By teaching each other skills and knowledge that will give us a power to heal our own body, mind and spirit ultimately leading to a balanced and vigorous life. was founded in order to raise public and professional awareness about the power and effectiveness of high quality self-healing techniques.

About Us
mission and philosophy

Our mission is to connect people all over the world, to allow them to discover their true inner potentials and learn ways to access their natural healing abilities.

Our philosophy is driven by a harmonious way of life, through achieving a balance of self-healing triad: physical, emotional and spiritual.


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The Circle of Healers
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Let’s inspire people to discover their own SELF healing power. Allow the special spirit of open mind to be widely known.  

We would like to offer you an opportunity to share your special knowledge, love, and creativity which is of benefits to everyone.